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  • It’s Not the End

    Keep on pushing and smiling through. The best is yet to come.

    At first when I was diagnosed I was down and depressed. It took a while to come to the realization that I can’t change what I can’t control. Though it is a tough situation to deal with life goes on. I have had experiences with people that have had it and didn’t. There is still hope to live the life we’ve always wanted. It may change your situation but it doesn’t change the person you are and one day someone will accept you for the person you are.

    by By Anonymous, Oneonta, NY, United States
  • Partners with HPV

    We are on the same boat.

    HPV is something so common now a days. When I was 18 I had abnormal results with a yearly exam and was told I had HPV, an STD. I was broken and destroyed. Went in the dr for them to do further test and had cells scraped off my cervix, which in turn cured the problem. Again about 12 years later, after starting to date my current partner, I had the same issue. This time i was more scared because he has it as well. Although after much research I learned there are many types of HPV. What I had the second time turned out the same as the first and with the same procedures I had the same results, it’s gone. This stuff is super stressful when finding out that kind of news, but do your research. Currently I’m free and clear, while he still has the shows of HPV, it has had no effect on me.

    by By Anonymous, Ypsilanti, MI, United States|HPV
  • Life can be good if you want

    Don’t give up

    I don’t normally have NY resolutions because I never stick to them but guess what, I have decided to have just one resolution which is to stay positive. BTW this year I’m 40 and you know the saying “life begins at 40”. So let my life begin!

    by By manny66, Brooklyn, NY, United States|HIV

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    No need to submit personal information you feel unconfortable, 100% anonymously create a profile to browse thousands of profiles and photos. Strong privacy settings make you feel secure and comformable, and you can easily manage your profile and activiies to prevent someone you’re not interested viewed. Your friends and family even don’t know you’re here.

  • Meet Someone New With H

    Dating is difficult for most herpes single, HPV singles and AIDS Singles and at times, frightening. We provide a warm-hearted, friendly and un-prejudiced STD dating and support community. Meet others who suffer from the same condition, share the same secret and find comfort, support and hope. Don’t let HSV-1, HSV-2 and other STDs stop you finding someone special.

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    We provide the largest and most active blogs and forums, where you can share your condition, learn more about your condition from others who have experienced the same feelings and meet others who understand and support you to move on with their lives. Members can discuss different topics include dating, relationship, how to live with STD and treatment.

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H-Singles has helped thousands of positive herpes singles, HPV singles, HIV singles & other STD singles find new friends, a potential match and get new starting of moving on, make it easy for dating with positive singles find support, friendship, hope even love. One of the most trusted and secured STD dating websites. Whether you’re looking for H date or support, find them in a no prejudice, comfortable, warmhearted and secure environment on H-Singles.

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H-Singles, the best Herpes & STD dating site for people living with Herpes, HPV, HIV & AIDS to relieve social anxiety and the stigma. 100% anonymously create a profile and your personal information is absolute privacy. Your partner, parents, classmate, even closed friends can’t even know you’re here.

Everyone who has sexually transmitted diseases is welcome. Whether you’re looking for H dating in the USA, Canada, Australia, UK or other European countries, we bring real positive people to you no matter where you are.

As a reputable dating site for Herpes, HPV & HIV, we successfully bring together 65% positive singles who are living with HSV-1 and HSV-2, 35% other singles with STD. 80% of members come from the states of the United States such as California, Florida, Texas, New York, Texas, Georgia, Illinois, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, New Jersey, and Ohio. Thousands of H singles share their experience and help someone who goes through a similar condition find confidence in life.

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